White Sands Missile Range

White sand missile range or commonly known as WSMR is located in five counties in south of New Mexico. It is basically a missile range spread on an area of about 3200 square miles. It is also the largest military installation is United States of America. It gives a large area for military testing. It was established on July 9th 1945 by the ordinance corps (the United States army). Its basic operations were missile testing and range recovery but with the passage of time it also has started to provide grounds for research, testing, experimentation, development and training to the soldiers etc. it is used to test each and every weapon that has been made for the U.S army before handing it to the soldiers.

It also provides training on a higher level to help any nation in war or which is under natural disasters. WSMR has a park and a museum. It also has a museum which gives a great insight about the history of this place. It shows pictures of scientists who worked here in its early years and also display the tools that were used by them to carry out the research work. It also helps a lot to learn the origin of America’s missile and space technology. With this there is also a gift shop where you can buy stuff made by the local artists as well as goods displaying the missiles logo so that you remember your visit to this place.

Outside the museum is a park that has been set up to display the great variety of missiles and rockets which were tested at the WSMR. It constitutes of almost 40 – 45 rockets which have been tested there over a period of time. Each missile or rocket displays its unique name, date of its creation, its specification, specialty and other important note worthy features. The most astonishing thing that you would come across here is the great German V-2 rocket used by Hitler in the World War II. It lays the foundation of all the modern U.S missiles.

WSMR holds an important position not only for the army but also for the other armed forces like navy and the air force. Along with this it is also a crucial site for NASA to carry out their research and testing at the WSMR. The basic mission of WSMR is to provide and maintain facilities, services, energy and technological sustainability not only to the U.S army but also to the civilians. It also believes in providing the best service to the customers. At WSMR it is believed that selfless work and loyalty are the vital forces which could help WSMR to achieve its unique and unlimited potential.

With a loyal, motivated, respectful and selfless team of individuals WSMR is working in the way to glory. White sand missile range no doubt is dedicated to provide the best service not only to the armed forces but also to all its customers. WSMR believes in unity, team work and selfless dedication to a great cause of serving the country.

Watervliet Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal as the name suggests was a place whereby all sorts of weapons were manufactured during the Second World War and this place ever since has been noted to serve as a historic place especially for soldiers and new recruits. Some times too, some visitors from other countries may come in as tourists just to know exactly what is going on and this some times even serves as some kind of revenue grounds and therefore is truly a place of importance. It is actually a recognized area that of course should always be made known to all and sundry as this is the only way true importance and recognition can be realized.

The Watervliet Arsenal was established in the year 1813 and this was purposely to help support the war of 1812 and so far it has been the oldest and active Arsenal in the history of the United States and hence should always be made known to all and sundry. It has really performed to expectation and hence should always be made known as this is very necessary. It is worthwhile to state here that, many new military recruits from other military bases usually visit this particular military base just to obtain its history and also some vital things concerning it. So far, majority have always testified to the fact that, the work often done there is so unique and besides understanding too.

Watervliet Arsenal is also noted to possess certain wonderful features in terms of infrastructure and this again is something that of course should always be made known to all and sundry especially new recruits. They actually do possess some modern day infrastructure apart from those infrastructures reserved for history purposes. This has therefore been very great and as such should always be made known as without it certain important things definitely cannot go on. The modern day infrastructures consist of several other things that of course include offices, dormitories and so on. These are very imperative for all those who work there and as such should always be made known to all and sundry as that is the only way majority may know what exactly is going on.

Moreover, there is a medical facility were by some basic things concerning health are usually handled. This is yet another imperative thing that of course should always be made known to majority of individuals especially those usually concerned about health care as it is the only way they can know what exactly is going. This kind of health care is quality type and as such often serves as some kind of advantage to many individuals. This is really very imperative and hence should never be taken for granted. They also possess very good medical practitioners who do their jobs just fine. The Museum of the big guns is the common name often given to this particular place simply because of the fact that, there are actually so much to say concerning the past guns that were manufactured there.

USAG Stuttgart

One major thing about Germany is that, its environmental conditions are so suitable for the establishment of military bases and as such is one of the reasons why most of the military bases there are often so unique in what they do. This is really very imperative and as such should always be made known to all and sundry. Many military men actually do appreciate the fact that some military bases are located in these particular areas and as such often necessary for an individual to understand and accept the way things are done there. The main task is often to see to the needs of the airfields and this of course has to do with their administration and also flight operation. The issue concerning this matter is that, the people and for that matter the military men there are so versatile in what they do and this of course has served as some kind of advantage to them and hence should always be acknowledged.

USAG Stuttgart is said to possess a whole lot of good facilities and this of course has to do with infrastructure and other crucial things. When talking about infrastructure, it will be realized that, many people have actually testified to the fact that, they do possess wonderful ones and this again has served as an advantage to them. Most of these infrastructures are well developed in such a way that, they perfectly suit what exactly is being discussed and hence should always be acknowledged. The location is so good for military bases and even explains why that location is chosen for this particular military base. This is really very imperative and as such should always be made known to all and sundry.

USAG Stuttgart is also said to possess enough ammunitions for their training and this actually is said to be a perfect example of a good military base. These ammunitions are so unique and as such should always be made known to all and sundry. Most of these ammunitions are also unique and also sophisticated and as such makes its usage for training worthwhile. Moreover, anytime one is able to have access to sophisticated weapons he or she definitely is convinced that the right thing is being done and this is often the joy about it and hence should always be acknowledged.

Nevertheless, when making reference to medical treatment it will be realized once again that, the military base has enough of that which of course is so helpful in many ways and hence should always be made known. This is yet another imperative thing which of course should always be made known. Appropriate availability of medical treatment is definitely a good thing that of course should always be made known to all and sundry and this is definitely a perfect example of it. Matters concerning health are definitely one major thing that of course should always be elaborated upon since it is so necessary in all directions. This as a result makes this particular military base splendid.

USAG Schweinfurt

The USAG Schweinfurt as a military base has once again been very supportive to many Europeans and this definitely has to do with the fact that, they are able to provide some sort of good security for the people. They are well noted across Europe for their good works and this of course indicates a lot. As a matter of fact, the base is said to compose of two large barracks of which the two are very much noted by all and sundry. The two are known as Conn and Ledward and these two are said to be separated by about two miles and hence should always be made known. They have actually achieved a lot as far as military bases are concerned and so far, they are well known across the world that, they perform wonderfully especially in the battlefield. No wonder new recruits are usually in a rush to obtain something good out of it.

In the first place, USAG Schweinfurt has almost all the facilities an individual can think about and this basically has to do with the fact that, every thing was well prepared before its establishment. For this reason, it is often good to acknowledge to this fact as many people are not usually aware of it and hence may end up giving wrong information about it. The infrastructure here is so good that, without it definitely certain things may not go on right. They actually do possess modern infrastructure and these modern infrastructures are well built and of course in their perfect shape and this as a result has given so much good results to majority.

The USAG Schweinfurt again is said to possess very good equipment for training and this of course has to do with the ammunitions and other vital things that of course are often so important. Most of these ammunitions may be brought in from the United States or perhaps from other European countries but the most important thing is that, they are well prepared for their purpose and hence should always be acknowledged. It is appropriate to state here that, with appropriate ammunitions, one definitely will be capable of obtaining certain vital things that of course should always be made known to all and sundry. Again some of the ammunitions are usually sophisticated and as such so useful in training because any soldier without the knowledge of sophisticated weapons may not be doing the right thing.

Furthermore, when making reference to the health facilities, it will be realized once again that, majority of these facilities are well equipped and this of course has to with the fact that, there is often adequate and appropriate medicines available for the sick and this of course has served as some sort of advantage to many individuals especially the soldiers. This is really very imperative and as such should always be made known to all and sundry. Everything is therefore said to be in perfection at USAG Schweinfurt and hence should be acknowledged.

USAG Mannheim

Though only part of the United States that is assigned in Germany on World War II, on 1974, Mannheim was made into a full USAG right after the Theater Army Support Command Europe and the United States Army Europe units were combined. The post offers support to the 938 square miles areas that surround Mannheim and responsible for making good relations with the German and American. The base mission is to provide operational support to all the tenants assigned in the area.

USAG Mannheim houses the 500 individuals but employs 15,000 military service men that came from other installation units, civilians and their dependents, 4,000 of which are active Army personnel, 200 Air Force service men, 6,484 family members, 197 family members of the Air Force, 3,266 civilian employees with their families and 727 United States military officials. The Mannheim housing division provides housing facilities to almost 3,537 military men and 600 civilian employees.

The USAG Mannheim military unit is under the control of NETCoM and Unites States Army Europe while they also have local units that comprise of Transportation, Signal, Military Police support and Aviation Maintenance. The post offers also services mostly to the major units that are assigned in USAREUR and installations that do not have quarters in the Federal Republic in Germany.

Mannheim is complete with all facilities a community must have, this includes the Fitness Center with well trained personnel. It offers indoor and outdoor recreations such as economical ski tours to Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland. It has bowling centers and Coleman Barracks that offer snack bars, pro shops, conference rooms and game rooms. The base offers outpatient care with high quality limited and primary health care services. When serious cases occur, patients are flown to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. It also has Dental Clinic which offers general dentistry and other dental health care services.

The Army Community service has a wide array of programs that cater to the military men and civilian along with their families and dependents. The post has its own Army and Sir Force Exchange Service that provide their needs such as service station, video store, beverage shop, barber and beauty shops, food court, movie house, laundry shop, military clothing sales, pick-up-point and retail store. The first Vision Center is in Coleman Barracks, well equipped commissary that sells US products and European products. You will also burger King and Popeye’s Chicken. The Sullivan Library is open to all the residents and consists of wide variety of book such as fiction and non fiction books, magazines, reference materials, videos, children’s books, and internet access.

The base is complete with Community banks that offers all banking services, has automatic teller machines and served the people 24.7 in their deposits and withdrawal. It has an Army Post office that has full facilities which transports parcels and mails that are of different classes. It also has an auto craft shop that provides assistance in the maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

The base is located 100 kilometers from the southern part of Frankfurt and 2 kilometers in the northwestern part of Heidelberg.

USAG Kaiserslautern

The United States Army Garrison Kaiserslautern was created on March 16, 1992 as the 415th Base Supp Kaiserslauternrt Battalion and was allocated to the 21sth Theater Army Command, 29th Area Support Group, and Kaiserslautern, Germany that was strengthened into one. On December 7, 1992, the garrison has grown its strength and on October 1993, USAG Kaiserslautern was again assigned to USAG Heidelberg, the 26th Area Support Group. On 2005, the 415th BSB was ended by the Army’s Installation Management Activity and then named as USAG Kaiserslautern. This was the result of the Army to regulate the Armed Forces globally.

USAG Kaiserslautern is the biggest American military community with operation outside United States with more than 50,000 US citizens and is expected to increase with the current plans for the garrison. The military community consists of the US Army and US Air Force units. There are plans for the garrison to be the logistic center and at present houses the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, European Headquarters of the Defense Commissary Agency, Stars and Stripes military newspaper office in Europe and large ordnance barracks. Located in the garrison is the Vogelweh Housing Area also known as “KMC West” which stands as the center of all the military activities in the area. The post has 10,000 soldiers with their family members complete with housing facilities, community center, schools, dental clinic, commissary, clubs and military police.

The USAG Kaiserslautern which is quartered at Pulaski Barracks’ mission is to provide support to all the community of the Army and their families. Vogelweh Complex has Kapauan Air Station which is an Air Force facility. It houses the Kisling NCO Academy which gives professional military education to the US Air Force NCo. You can also find the Defense Commissary Agency and the other units found in Kaiserslautern Panzer, Miesau, Kleberand DAenner, Pirmasens, Einsiedlerhof and Kaserne.

The base houses the 21st Theater Support Command which carries out different operational missions in the entire Europe and Africa including coordination with the German government, asset movement, total distribution, storage and maintenance of pre-positioned matter, movements control and material management and military police support for the theater. The Miesau Army Depot is the biggest storage for military weapons outside of United States. The depot’s mission is to receive issue, inspect, transship, store maintains and makes inventories of the ammunition’s accounting. The base is currently home to the 21st Theater Support Command that is tasked with operational logistics for Europe and Africa, including asset movement, coordination with the German government, etc.

The presence of the American military plays an important part in the area. After World War II, there was a slow phase in the economy and when the American soldiers moved in the area on 1952, they brought in more money in the locality. From then on, the city had undergone complete renovation, they add several villages in the nearby areas on 1969 and at present it has a population of more or less 100,000.  Kaiserslautern houses one of the main league soccer teams.

USAG Hohenfels

USAG Hohenfels is located near the border of Czech Republic, the area in consists of hilly and lightly populated uplands. Hohenfels means “High Rock”, an elevated place with a castle that was built on the 10th century. Hohenfels houses the Joint Multinational Readiness  Center (JMRC) whose mission is to offer maneuver training for all the U.S. Army armed forces assigned in Europe and also all the several Allied Forces.
The Joint Multinational Readiness Center has a population of 9,000 people wherein 2,500 are active service men and 2,000 people undergo training everyday in the base. Hohenfels is complete with Post Exchange, commissary, child development center, elementary and high school, youth center and more projects are on its way.

The Army Community Service (ACS) provides services and programs for military service men, civilians and their families, financial maintenance classes, parent education classes, mobilization and deployment services, relocation information support, employment services, volunteer programs and Army Emergency Relief. The military post has clinic which provides services for the outpatient care, routine appointments and sick call for active duty service men and their dependents. The medical facility offers different kind of services such as well mother and baby examinations, pharmacy services, immunization clinic, laboratory and x-ray examinations, minor surgical services, routine physical examinations for all purposes. The army post also provides dental services and care for all the American soldiers.

USAG Hohenfels is fully equipped with Fitness Center that employs well-trained staff offering convenient time to every body while providing locker rooms and complete fitness equipment. You can have a choice of playing bowling or you may join a bowling tournament if you have the time for some leisure. For those who are not into bowling, you can enjoy the food or have a drink in the lounge area at Mahlzeit Biergarten for a more German atmosphere.

You can not pass the day without thanking the Lord and the base has a Chapel that has religious programs that is inclined in meeting the needs of the community. The army installation has programs not only for married service men but for single servicemen as well. It offers services that will give the single members same quality of life their married counterparts received. They have living quarters that they can decorate according to their tastes that comes with complete amenities such as private facilities, kitchenettes, government furnishings and fitness equipment. The post sees to it that the singles are also involved in different recreational, travel and community programs.

USAG Hohenfels is proud of their Tumbul Library that is fully automated and the largest in USAEUR. They have staffs that are always on hand to help you in your research or other individual needs. The library is complete with wide selection of DVDs, CDs and internet that are always ready for use by all individuals. Aside from the mentioned amenities, Hohenfels has Army Post office, provides transient lodging, banks and community shops.

Many army posts in Germany have undergone closure recently but USAG Hohenfels has been declared to have a great future and plans of full expansions are underway.

USAG Hessen

The United States Army Garrison at Hessen was closed some time in 2008 as a part of the United States Army Europe as a part of its 2008 fiscal transformation and rebasing plan. FliegerhorstKarsene and HutierKarsene were at the time of writing the places which were earmarked to return to hosting status. Hanau which is the city were HutierKarsene is located in is a small but bustling city of about 100,000 people. It was the Grimm brothers were from and for those who do not know who they are they are the masters of German folklore. The place was also a center of the silver and gold industries some years back and the area also has a large number of military installations.

PionereKarsene derived its name from the original German Poiniere’s or engineers who inhabited the area until the end of the Third Reich in 1945. The place was first built during the decade of the 1930s and the place which is called YorkholfKarsene which right now houses the United States Army Garrison at Hessen was built around the end of the 1990s.

Some of the facilities which were present at the United States Army Garrison at Hessen include the amenities and these are designed to afford the soldiers who serve the United States and the civilian workers who work at the bases themselves the same quality of life as those people who they protect across the Atlantic in the United States of America.

There is an elementary school which is designed to equip the children of the people who work at the base with the tools they need to successfully make the transition to high school life. This school is specifically for those children whose parents serve in the United States army in some capacity whether it is in a civilian capacity of otherwise. This makes the school convenient because local German schools will usually only accept Americans if one of the parents is not American but German. There is also a middle school and a high school which means that everything that a child would need in terms of education is afforded there. Another thing is that the schools usually adhere to American standards in education which means that the children get the same quality education as they would get if they were learning in the United States of America.

There are also a number of TV channels to entertain the people who live in the area. There is only one network however and this network is the AFN or the American Forces Network. It has about 30 television channels which mean that the soldiers and their families do not miss out on the latest goings on in the world and in the United States but recently with the internet this has become much easier too without TV. There are also some libraries which can be used by the soldiers and the civilians and there are the computers there also were one can access the internet.

USAG Heidelberg

The United States Army Garrison at Heidelberg has long been the headquarters of the United States Army Europe. The Army Garrison which is here is soon to be moved although we are not yet aware of when this is going to happen though. The city itself is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the land of Germany. It was the largest city which was not bombed by the allies in World War II. The city is famous for the many scientists and humanists that have come from there and the beauty that the place offers can rival some of the most picturesque places in Europe. There is also a bustling city within the area. It is no wonder that the United States Army Garrison has been stationed here for a long time.

The Heidelberg Health Center is one of the premier health facilities that the United States Army Europe has got and it has world class facilities in it. It is not far from the Campbell barracks and the Mark Twain Village. There are many services which are offered here for the family members of people serving the great nation that is the United States. They include dental services and specialty treatment as the army is committed to providing soldiers and civilians at the Army Garrisons the same quality of life as that which is enjoyed by the people who live in the nation they are protecting.

There are also many community services which are offered by the army for the soldiers, the civilians and their family members. Such services include classes which are intended to educate and empower the people who attend them. Such classes include things like the parent education classes, the financial maintenance classes, the mobilization and support which help families to deal with situations in which the leaders of the household have to go into battle.

Other classes also include things like the relocation information and support which helps families deal with having to leave a particular area and settle in a foreign land and how they should adjust to that transition. This just makes it much easier for the families to settle in and this is important for the soldier’s morale because if a soldier is not happy then this may filter into the whole group or unit which is not something that is suitable for the country and the individuals when they are in battle and they need to focus.

As far as entertainment goes at the base you will find that there is the American Forces Network. This is the network that is shown across all American military installations and it also has an audio and radio component to it so that you can listen in to what is happening around the world. The channel also breaks during the day so that viewers can listen in to what is happening in the local German area. This is important because it can keep the people at the base entertained since you are not allowed to bring your own personal satellite dishes because of security concerns of course.

USAG Grafenwoehr

This is a United States military installation that is supposed to actively provide for installation capabilities and services while at the same time providing the adequate resources for JMTC, 21st TSC and V corps as well as transient training units to make sure that there is a very strong army for the United States and that there is also a good life for the soldiers who fight for the United States, the Department of Defence civilians as well as their families.

What used to be the 100th area support group was established with its headquarters and main offices at Grafenwoehr.  This was done on the 1st of October in 1991 and it was done as a part of the United States Army Europe Community Plan.

The main role of the 100th ASG was simply to provide base operations to support the 7th army training command and other units. In its short history, though the 100th ASG has been a tremendous success at USAREUR and department of army levels.

The United States Army Garrison Grafenwoehr has a lot of amenities for the families that stay there because the base is dedicated to providing a good standard of living and a good quality of life for the people who work at the Garrison. Soldiers, civilians and their families are normally housed from 4 different sources and these sources are Government controlled off post housing, government controlled on post housing, private rental housing and finally unaccompanied personnel housing on post.

At the moment there are about 3000 quarters that are government controlled that families and individuals can be housed in at both the rose barracks communities and the main post. There are also about 2100 private rental facilities that families and individuals can take advantage of when they are staying in the area but this of course depends on whether the family can afford to stay at the private rental facility that they want to stay at or that is available.

There are also various schools for children of all ages to go to when their parents are serving their country at Grafenwoehr. One of these schools is Grafenwoehr elementary school which is an institution funded by the department of defence. The school much like the city is located in Bavaria and is a great place for children to learn the fundamentals of life and the school can also equip the children to tackle the challenges that lay ahead in their lives such as middle school and then later on high school.

Another school that is under the watchful eye of the Army Garrison at Grafenwoehr is Vilseck high school. The school services the community of Grafenwoehr and Amberg and is just like the traditional American high school because it serves children from the ages of 9-12 years old. The school has a wide range of extracurricular activities which really help a child find his or her calling in life. All of these educational options really make for a great place to stay with your family and enjoy your time abroad and in a different culture.